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automatic paper cutter

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Using an electronically operated cutting blade to cut through entire reams or more of paper per cut, these machines provide a cutting solution that greatly improves speed and efficiency. You need only three steps to complete the cutting job: setting up the cut size, clamping the stock, and depressing the two-hand knife switches. Standard Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-450) Safety Sequence Circuitry & Safety Mechanism: The knife is actuated by two-hand throw in switches. Measure the centimeters, inches, and angles you want to cut according to your needs using the ruler or guide. Using a protective case that locks the blade, you won’t have to worry about it sliding when not using it. The cutting arm comes with a steel tension spring that keeps the arm in the right place whenever you are not using it. But also your budget and quality demands are vital to note. Hardened steel components and bronze bearings on most wear surfaces increase the life of the machine. The front cover includes a safety switch to prevent unsafe operation. This blade is attached to a head the user will move to use the edge accordingly. You will be able to bring it anywhere you want without issues, yet it will still last a lifetime even after using it daily for years. We also carry … Not only it is one of the fastest guillotine cutters … This aids to achieve superior precision and relieves tension to promote a steadier experience when cutting. Marigold products are known for their reliability & power, and their cutters are perfect for thick and hard materials. Apart from that, you also get enough safety measures to prevent common problems or damages to the works. Guardrails should always be present when using. When you have a steel and wooden tool, make sure it is clean and away from moisture or water. The IR light beam safety curtain covers the work area to ensure the highest level of operator safety. It is perfect for heavy-duty application, not only for its build but because it offers exceptional stability entirely. It is also perfect for larger objects depending on the design of the tool. Light, portable, comfortable to use and very convenient – this is an option you shouldn’t overlook.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hamblyscreenprints_com-leader-2','ezslot_4',161,'0','0'])); This white trimmer comes with the right size for more portability, allowing thousands of opportunities when it comes to transportation. Formax Cut-True 27S Paper Cutter. Whatever you need it for; this guillotine can be an exceptional choice. But let’s not forget this also mean you get highly accurate cuts. This is the most common of all paper cutters in the market. Marigold Paper Guillotine 12-Inch with Metal Base. Unlock any hatch, spring, or pressure block you may have on the blade. Apart from that, it comes with a Triple Track System that interlocks the blade helps to increase precision, making it easier to move and secure the work when needed. 18.9" wide semi-automatic paper cutter, features a hardened-steel Guillotine blade, and push button operation with automatic paper clamp, it has the capacity to cut through paper stacks up to 3.15” with razor-sharp precision. Cutting so many paper sheets at the same time will save you time as well, which is something you don’t get with many trimmers out there. X-ACTO is a cutting-it-all brand that provides everything from rulers to knives and even scissors. Safety Covers: The cutter is equipped with front and rear safety covers. You can use it for a wide array of applications including craft projects or media activities such as cutting photographs, card stocks, or more. Other safety measures you should consider are: guard rails, finger guard, safety springs, rubber feet, protective lock, and more. You will be able to bring it wherever you go without problems, mainly because it weighs half of what others do. The plastic construction is also exceptional. Try to make it softer or drop as many sheets of paper as possible before cutting. You will immediately find this in the design of its products, always delivering neatly and cleanlier finishes with a well-thought style. If you want to pick a perfect paper trimmer, then you’ll need to consider the following ones; A sliding cutter like the Jielisi Automatic 12-inches trimmer is not an option you see every day. X-Acto 12" Wood Base Laser Guide Guillotine Paper Cutter (EPI26642), Challenge Spartan 150A 15.75" Automatic Electric Paper Cutter w/ Power Clamp (CH-SPARTAN150A), Standard Electric 17" Desktop Paper Cutter (PC-P430), Standard Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-450), Formax Cut-True 22S 17" Electric Paper Cutter (FDCT22S), Formax Cut-True 27S 19" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter (FD-CT27S), MBM Triumph 4315 16.875" Semi-Automatic Tabletop Paper Cutter (CU0451), MBM Triumph 4850 18.625" Electric Paper Cutter with Digital Display (MBM-4850), Dahle Vantage Personal 12 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter (12E), Dahle Vantage Personal 15 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter (15E), Dahle Vantage Personal 18 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter (18E), MBM Triumph 7260 28" Automatic Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter with VRCut Software (CU0494), MBM Triumph 1135 13.75" Tabletop Paper Cutter - KU0467 (MB-1135), MBM Triumph 1038 15" Tabletop Paper Cutter - KU0470 (MB-1038), MBM Triumph 1058 22.5" Tabletop Paper Cutter - KU0472 (MB-1058), Premier Polyboard 11-3/4 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter (P212X), Premier Polyboard 15 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter (P215X), Premier Polyboard 18 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter (P218X), MBM Triumph 1046 18" Tabletop Paper Cutter - KU0471 (MB-1046), Akiles OffiTrim Plus 1512 15" Cutter (OffiTrimPlus1512), Akiles OffiTrim Plus 1518 18" Cutter (OffiTrimPlus1518), Dahle Premium 14.5 Inch Heavy Duty Guillotine Cutter (561), Dahle Premium 15.5 Inch Heavy Duty Guillotine Cutter (565), Dahle Premium 21.5 Inch Heavy Duty Guillotine Cutter (567), Dahle Premium 27.5 Inch Heavy Duty Guillotine Cutter (569), Formax FD 8302SC Level P-2 Strip-Cut Paper Shredder (FD8302SC), Formax FD 8302CC Level P-5 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (FD8302CC), Formax OnSite FD 8402CC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (FD8402CC), Formax OnSite FD 8502SC Strip-Cut Paper Shredder (FD8502SC), Formax OnSite FD 8502CC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (FD8502CC), Features a laser that comes on automatically when the blade is lifted, Self-healing cutting mat with an easy-to-read grid, Auto-off battery-saver feature (battery included), Power Cutting: Electric power - 1/2HP Gear Drive Motor. That's all. Simple Operation: There are no complicated switch controls except the two-hand knife switches. Premium Stainless Steel Knife: Refined anti-rust coating. Electric Paper Cutters are heavy duty cutters ideal for high volume or industrial situations. Swingline ClassicCut Ingento Guillotine Trimmer 12 Inch Cut, Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Paper Cutter or Trimmer, How To Use a Paper Cutter: Beginners Guide, Safety Issues To Take Care Of While Using, Pinterest Management by DigitallyApproved.com. Westcott is another high-quality brand for demanding users. MBM Triumph 4315 Semi-Automatic Paper Cutter is an essential in every office where professional paper handling is considered important and people lay emphases on productivity and efficiency. You must always take into consideration several safety measures before using one of these, so you can eventually prevent damage to your work and hands. Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, Classic Cut Lite … Add to Wish List. Don’t ever cut your hand or fingers again, and do it with the cleanest and most precise result you can achieve. Its small design promotes a more comfortable experience, as well as outstanding portability & convenience for a wide array of applications. The best rotary paper cutter is actually from this brand, a simple yet practical option. A: Not really. It’s even safer when you consider the anti-microbial protection, which makes it perfect for places with many people using it. It is specifically designed to keep users away from the blade. We used 3,487 customer reviews of the 212 types of Paper Cutters and Trimmers we carry to determine the best Paper Cutters and Trimmers for school, business, teachers, almost anything. Get the best deals on Automatic Paper Paper Cutters when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. The MBM Triumph 4850 cutter offers automatic … What’s more, it comes with excellent measurements and angles, delivering the capacity to cut between 45º and 90º without problems. VEVOR Electric Paper Cutter 0-330 Cutting Width, Electric Paper Trimmer, 40mm Cutting Thickness, … This is not only because the blade is well-made, but also because the table comes with a magnetic lock underneath. The entirely straightforward process makes the cutting of paper a lot easier and user-friendly. It keeps paper cutting very simple, which is something you don’t get with many trimmers in the market. Now insert the sheet of paper or material to cut inside the cutting platform of the tool. 1 Review. Heavy Duty or Industrial - Automatic Paper Cutters. Press Section: An automatic clamping press moves simultaneously with the cutting knife. Yet, not all products from Firbon are worth having if you are someone who expects quality over anything else. And of course, let’s not forget the device is made of high-quality materials including a plastic & alloy mix for excellent resistance. Paper Stopper Guide: With its built-in magnetic strip and locking screw, the paper stopper guide will stay in place after many continuous cuts. It can cut everything from 15 sheets of paper to laminated sheets up to heavy mat board and more. It comes with a handle in the base plate, perfect for portability whenever you need to transport it. Capable of cutting up to 10 sheets or 20 pounds of paper at the same time, this straight guillotine cutter is merely outstanding. The device still manages to be incredibly safe. Using it is entirely safe as well. Standard Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-450) Safety Sequence Circuitry & Safety Mechanism: The knife is actuated by two-hand throw in switches. The problem is, there are thousands of cutters out there, and not all of them will provide what you need. A guillotine paper trimmer is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a faster cutting experience. We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Westcott cutters are exceptional in almost every way. Powerful heavy duty guillotine cutter with 18,000 cuts blade. Add to Cart. And this device does not lack any of that. 4315 paper … Accurate cutting due to many measurement features that help to avoid common issues. Even though it is not as important as other factors, the materials used in the surface & other parts of the cutter may have a significant impact on how durable, convenient, and reliable the tool is. A: The fastest cutter is always the most efficient and easy to use. Most of them are large instead of small, so they work better for heavier & more demanding operations. Here, we go over the most common and the ones you are most likely to consider when buying: The rotary trimmer is also commonly known as the sliding or guide trimmer. Here, you can find titanium and steel, the two most common and the most effective for cutting paper. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy a sleek design that makes cutting not only comfortable but highly accurate. Make sure the rubber feet of the tool provide enough stability to avoid common slipping issues. With self-sharpening blades and one of the lightest and smallest designs, this cutter has no competitor when it comes to handiness. Cutting stacks of paper up to 3" thick, most electric paper cutters … Cutter does not cut at the proper times When internal printer margins are set to Expanded or Smaller the printer has a delay in cutting compared to when the … Cutting with this tool is merely fast, easy, and safe. Cut Stick Lift Lever: The cut stick is easily replaced by using the integrated lift lever. A special cutout is provided to prevent book spines from crushing. Apart from that, it comes with rubberized feet that reduce movement when cutting and improve stability. Kutrimmer 1038 Paper Trimmer . The cutting blade is also extremely effective. The Recycled Bypass name refers to the recycled resin construction it comes with. Keep them away from children. Aligning your project will be a total piece of cake. Make sure the blade goes slowly through the paper. The best guillotine paper cutter you will find, the Swingline Ingento with ClassicCut design is a perfect choice for anyone who demands quality above anything else. Overall, this is a tool for the demanding user who wants accurate results and top-notch design. You also get a patented Track System which interlocks the blade and rail to deliver superior results. Construction: Heavy Duty Steel, Cast Iron, and Cast Aluminum Construction gives it "Challenge durability". But the strength and power of its blade is not the only thing it offers. Triumph 6660 Automatic-Programmable 25.5" Paper Cutter with Light Safety Beams Value Kit with 1 box cutting sticks and 1 extra blade. The tool is merely versatile & convenient, perfect for craft projects at home or the individual office. And when you add the safety latch, the scales on the wood, and the safety guard, you get a product that promotes perfect cuts even more while increasing its safety exponentially. The precision is also there with the alignment grid and the scale ruler, helping to meet the most accurate results without problems. One of the most thrilling parts of this tool is the ability to cut up to 12 sheets of papers at the same time. And despite all that, the tool is one of the most precise. Not only it is one of the fastest guillotine cutters out there, but it is also one of the safest & most accurate in the market. Need a quick decision? The trimming performance is perfect thanks to the several measurements aids you get in the table. Many models come with LED cutting line guides, adjustable gauges, automatic clamping, and other handy features. So, you will most likely pick among low to mid-range cutters here. Here’s what you should be aware of when using one: Picking the right product is not only about having all the factors at hand or knowing about several products at the same time. The adjustable guide with measurements and angles prevent you from making wrong cuts on your work. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. We recommend going for those cutters that offer different paper sizes, angles, and a metric with inches scale or ruler. It focuses on small items such as photos, always offering high precision and reducing overall mistakes. $ 240.11 View. MBM Triumph 4850 Automatic Paper Cutter Package . Easy set … The automatic cutter should now work properly. They only produce high-grade products for the most demanding users. Flash Sale: Maker Machines Starting at $349! The cutter is entirely accessible to store as well and helps to transport it back and forth whenever needed without any complication. Buy the TRIUMPH™ 4350 Fully Automatic Tabletop paper cutter with electric blade drive, automatic clamp, and EASY CUT blade activation. Add to Compare. Firbon A4 2 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool, 9. You also get a plastic surface, which increases visibility and promotes a more accurate cut. At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Paper Cutters & Trimmers. Actually, it is the high-quality steel blade with guillotine design that allows the device to cut amazingly well. For safety, the machine is equipped with several … The Fiskars SureCut trimmer is our favorite small paper cutter and still one of the most effective at cutting. Most Firbon cutters, for example, are small, portable, and versatile. Always keep the fingers and hands behind the guardrail. Maybe the best paper cutter for pictures, the Multi-Purpose personal trimmer from Westcott is the perfect versatile & convenient tool you need to have. With its black design, the trimmer also fits anywhere you want so that you won’t have a problem with an unaesthetic tool. The surface is also invisible so you can have more visibility and prevent wrong cuts easily. Luckily for you, we know exactly what makes a trimmer or cutter right for your needs. MBM Triumph 4850 18-5/8" Automatic Paper Cutter The MBM Triumph 4850 is a high quality semi-automatic paper cutter offering a cutting width of 18-5/8" and cuts up to a 3" stack of paper. However, the best type will always be a wooden paper cutter. No matter what material you’re cutting, the device will allow you to do it steadily and as straight as you can imagine. Tool Holder. Just remember that it all comes down to going for something that fits your requirements among anything else. Jielisi Automatic 12-Inch Paper Trimmer A4 Size, 2. Powerful, precise, and easy to operate, these heavy duty electric paper … Solingen steel blade set may be resharpened, Precision automatic clamp with “Easy Lift” release lever for easy paper removal, Transparent Lexan ® safety guard with integrated cutting line indicator, Precision side guides scaled in inches and metric system, Transparent Lexan ® safety guard automatically covers blade in every position, Solid hand clamp, independent of blade handle, Self-sharpening stainless steel blades cut up to 10 sheets at once, Permanent 1/2" grid and dual English and metric rulers, Patented automatic blade latch locks with every cutting motion, Finger guard protects entire length of blade, Torsion spring prevents blade from accidentally falling during operation. Here we tell you what brands you should go for according to your needs: Fiskars focuses on providing innovative designs with creative approaches to its products. It delivers everything you could need, from a self-sharpening blade to the most stable & steady experience out there. It is not the most reliable when it comes to large or more substantial stuff, but it will surely work like a gem for photos, cards, or other small materials. Further, the built in illuminated cut-line indicator helps you find easily the cut-line without identifying the cut-line each time. A: Most paper cutters don’t offer replacement parts for parts. Faster cutting, especially when trying to cut several pieces at the same time. There are much safety features a paper cutter may offer, from a transparent surface that provides more visibility when cutting, to a lock-in hatch for the guillotine, and up to a pressure activated blade. It will always keep cutting and cutting no matter how many sheets of paper you put below. Front and back protection cover and safety system to double assure operation safety 5. Never carry the tool by the handle or blade. For smaller applications be sure to look at Rotary Paper Cutters which cut fewer sheets at a time. View all. They may be slightly more costly than other options, but they undoubtedly provide the most reliable and effective performance. And when you consider the measurements squares and angle-showing graphics, you get a product that focuses on providing accurate cuts with excellent convenience.

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